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face recognition attendance in more than 400 campuses in nanshan district of shenzhen

on 27th april 2020, more than 400 schools, approximately 140,000 secondary students returned to school to resume classes, after an extended winter vacation, the campus that had been quiet for a long time was "restarted" again.

this campus restart also ushered in the strict epidemic prevention measures of shenzhen schools.


we are honored that taisau offered its professional to help campus epidemic prevention in nanshan district schools, to ensure safe and orderly resumption of classes and to build a strong fire-line of campus safety. in 30 days, over 500 units of smart fever scan devices are installed in 98 schools in nanshan district.


the latest product of taisau ai, a taiai smart fever scan is specially designed and highly suitable for school use scenarios.


this is against worldwide covid-19 epidemic situation, for which under the leadership of the nanshan district government, taisau ai launched a rapid response team  to overcome the difficulties of time constraints and heavy-duty tasks, develop the prototype design and production process, and use technology to help the government solve the campus. the rapid deployment of epidemic prevention work, data collection and other construction problems have spared no effort to escort campus epidemic prevention.


construct school  management system with face id as the core to realize multi-dimensions, e.g. staff & student attendance, conference sign-in, visitor management, and examination identity verification.




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