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using the old tablet and old mobile phone can realize the enterprise staff\''s face brushing attendance and visitors appointment free of charge
in the environment of novel coronavirus pneumonia (covid-19), which has not yet been fully relieved of the risk of transmission, the whole country has started to resume work and resume production in addition to other provinces and autonomous regions in hubei province in late february 2020. in the process of returning to work, enterprise factories also need to solve the problem of personnel attendance. most enterprises still use the mode of fingerprint attendance, and employees will continuously use or contact the fingerprint identification area in a relatively concentrated period of time. this may provide an indirect human to human contact transmission place for potential viruses, so how to achieve contactless and convenient personnel attendance? now you only need an old tablet (android system) or an old mobile phone (android system) to realize the functions such as employee face brushing attendance, visitors visiting and checking in.

in order to help the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the needs of non-contact attendance of employees during the epidemic period, taishou intelligent launched a non-contact, remote face recognition attendance visitor system resources, which are now open to all small and medium-sized enterprises in china free of charge.

what is face recognition attendance visitor system?
taishou intelligent "face recognition attendance visitor system" is an android application software integrating face brushing attendance, visitor appointment, blacklist, vip visitors, one button alarm, personnel management and other functions. the software is divided into two parts: front-end equipment collection attendance recognition and background data upload management.
how to use face recognition attendance visitor system?
the software can be downloaded in the "tau ai cloud" official account product column to download the software apk for direct installation and use. we only provide free software for users, and the hardware part of the installation only requires the enterprise to prepare a tablet or mobile phone of android system, and then download it in the official account of "tae shou ai cloud". after the software app is installed, register the account and upload the template image of attendance personnel.
the detailed operation steps are as follows:
step 1: wechat's attention to the official account of "tai shou ai cloud" can be carried out by android apk installation package download path: product / software download.
step 2: new users can enter relevant company organizations through the registration page and fill in the organization code and other information (note: only one account can be registered for a mobile phone number)
step 3: fill in the registration organization code previously used in ai life app on the android tablet device installed with face recognition attendance visitor software, click the time area in the upper right corner of android tablet to set basic parameters and security options. at the same time, the system will pop up an input box with a two-dimensional code, fill in the organization code and click the "ok" button to complete the association between the device and thai head ai cloud data.
step 4: after entering the registration code of the local organization when registering just now, you can associate the front-end hardware with the background management end.
step 5: after filling in the institution, directly enter the "ai life" applet and upload your own head photo in the "i" avatar management (the photo standard is the upper body photo with full face and no glasses). administrator rights can also add other personnel picture information.
step 6: wechat applet interface display
finally, the attendance staff can receive their attendance information by mobile phone in the official account of wechat ai public cloud.
what are the advantages of face recognition attendance visitor system (facepass) compared with other face brushing attendance devices? what's the help to the improvement of attendance efficiency?
the face recognition attendance visitor system adopts taishou intelligent face recognition deep learning algorithm, which can still accurately identify the personnel wearing masks. therefore, due to the epidemic situation, the software has done a certain degree of refinement and simplification, sacrificing some comprehensive functional modules such as access control, video monitoring, advertising and so on. however, the reserved functions can still meet the attendance needs of employees returning to work. if the enterprise scale reaches more than 200 people, taishou intelligent also has a face recognition and welcome system with barrier free distance. using the host gun camera mode, it can take remote senseless capture attendance within 10 meters.the pass rate of face brushing attendance is higher than that of fingerprint clock in attendance, and the number of attendance is more than that of fingerprint attendance in relative unit time. employees can complete this process through no contact.
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