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smart and safe campus solutions
1. status quo
1.1. project background
with the development of economy and the improvement of social openness, some crimes in the society have gradually affected the campus. how to establish a safe campus environment and ensure the safety of teachers and students' study and campus life has always been the focus of education departments and all walks of life. campus security, which maintains social stability and affects family happiness, has become a topic of close concern to the whole society and directly affects the construction of a harmonious society. according to the social survey, a large part of the causes of school safety accidents are caused by foreign invasion, including illegal personnel intrusion, social bad people entering, etc., which brings great harm to the campus safety.
in order to implement the construction of safe campus, taoyuan police station has built a face recognition blacklist early warning system in six schools (taoyuan primary school, zhuoya primary school, nanshan foreign language middle school, nanshan international school, xin'an vocational and technical college (including campus and dormitory area), nanshan experimental school of arts and science. at the entrances and exits of each campus, the illegal blacklist warning system is established single member identification, early warning on the platform of the police station, timely notification of the police on duty, timely blocking the occurrence of hazardous events, provide powerful assistance for the construction of smart and safe campus, and ensure the safety of learning and life of teachers and students.

1.2. project requirements
in taoyuan police station area of 6 schools, are installed with traditional video monitoring system, access control system, etc., the above systems can only achieve the effect of post-mortem review and tracking, while the use of face recognition system can keep the campus threatening personnel out of the door, can do pre prevention, will involve campus security risk personnel can be identified at the entrance and exit, intelligent to improve the campus security protection work. a kind of
2. solutions
2.1. system design principles
make full use of the existing transmission lines, reduce the new investment as much as possible through reasonable structure; avoid blindly pursuing the latest technology, and at the same time prevent the system from insufficient processing capacity; the whole system is easy to use, practical and easy to maintain.
using reliable software and hardware products is the key to ensure the reliability of the system. the system should integrate stable and excellent technology and components to the maximum extent, and adopt mature technology to reduce the instability of the system; the system should support the load balancing function based on cluster technology to ensure that the core application of the system has enough backup fault tolerance and improve the reliability and stability of the system.
the technical solutions and software have good interconnection, interoperability and upgrading capabilities, follow the latest international standards, national standards and industry standards, and follow the principle of openness. it is easy to be integrated by higher level management software.
advanced nature
the advanced level of system technology ensures the development trend of computer science. the system software platform and hardware platform technology represent the direction of the development of computer technology, and have proved that it has strong practicability through practice. the development unit has the ability to carry out the continuous development of the product, and it can ensure that the technology is constantly updated and upgraded smoothly, and maintain the advanced nature of the system.
the structure of the system is easy to expand to adapt to the large workload that may appear in the future. the hardware platform can be upgraded. when necessary, it can be expanded to improve the processing capacity of the system, thus protecting the original investment. the system software should be extensible. the object-oriented structure design has strong flexibility, operability and expansibility. the fully modular software architecture makes the addition and modification of modules should not affect other modules when the business changes in the future.
ease of use
the system platform is easy to be familiar with and easy to maintain. it is easy to operate and has friendly interface, and fully considers the characteristics of users, which makes data processing simple, convenient and fast. the business process is clear and in line with the normal business processing habits. based on the network architecture, remote configuration management can be realized and maintained conveniently. the system software adopts a unified style software interface, which is easy to operate and uses chinese graphical interface.
the system can meet all the basic requirements of the police station, and has good compatibility and scalability,

2.2. introduction to face recognition technology
face recognition is a kind of human biometric authentication technology. compared with other biometric recognition technologies, face recognition technology has the characteristics of uniqueness, measurability, recognizability and lifetime invariance. face recognition uses visible light to obtain face image information, which is different from fingerprint recognition or iris recognition. it needs to use electronic pressure sensor to collect fingerprint, or infrared to collect iris image. these special acquisition methods are easy to be detected, and can be camouflaged and cheated.
the response speed of face recognition system is fast, from comparison to judgment within 1 second. it is tens of times of manual comparison. at the same time, the image tracking technology is used to reduce the number of photos stored by the same person, reduce the data redundancy and the investment of hardware equipment. compared with other recognition technologies, face recognition technology has essential differences
naturalness: it is suitable for the natural habit of "recognizing people by their appearance" in vision;

concealment: not being detected is also important for a recognition method, which will make the identification method not offensive and not easy to be cheated because it is not easy to attract people's attention;

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